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My views on Subtext

Here's a little page/message for all you Xenites and Gabriellens out there, whether you like Subtext and believe it or not.

I Know they're are many who may think differently to me in this subject. I've seen it on websites. So, don't e-mail me having a sook, I don't appreciate it, if others are allowed to say how subtext is so true, why can't I say how it's not? People have got to learn about 2-way streets. I aknowledge that there are those who believe in subtext..but I don't.

I'd like to make it quite clear, right now, im against subtext(well, in this case) and dont believe in it, get that straight right now.

What I'd like to know, is why can't two females (Xena and Gabrielle) love each other without any other type of relationship happening. They are best friends, they love each other like sisters, so people, get that into your head!! I know many people who love their best friends of the same gender, but they don't go that way and no one assumes they do, why can't people understand that in the same way for Xena and Gabrielle? I understand there are those of you who are subtexters and I understand that there are those of us who dont believe in it, there are website that have cliques like this one saying "This site is Subtext friendly", so why cant I have one saying the opposite? Please dont e-mail with the same stupid comment "whats your problem, no one else is doing it" I grow tired of being yelled at. These are my beliefs, they may not be yours, but they're mine, and Im sticking to them. Im not saying if you believ in it your completely nuts, I'm saying I, and the people who place the image of non-subtext friendlyness, dont believe in it.

Xena has had several MALE boyfriends, to name a few: Ulysses, Marcus, Borias, and more. Gabrielle has only ever been with one person, her HUSBAND, Perdicus. OK, so maybe now you understand a little better, why me and the other people who linked to this page, don't believe in Xena-Gab subtext.