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Hercules: You've been helping people Xena: Someone taught me its the only reason to be on this earth Hercules: Now who would that be? Xena: Some legendary Hero, I forget his name

Prometheus (Xena)

Xena: The world needs Hercules Hercules: It needs Xena too Xena: Come on, people would hardly miss me, but you, you give hope to so many Hercules: You under-estimate yourself

Prometheus (Xena)

Gabrielle: Hercules, we haven't been properly introduced, I'm Gabrielle Hercules: Oh, well its nice meeting you Gabrielle Gabrielle: I hope it's not to obssesive, but you mind if I asked you a few questions about your labours? Hercules: Oh, actually, Iolaus is the one to ask. He knows all the facts and he loves to hear himself talk

Prometheus (Xena)

Fear, brings out the worst in people. Anger... prejudice...ego. There's only one thing that can conquer it, and that's courage. Courage brings out the best in us. Hope...daring...compassion. These things are the foundation of integrity.

The Academy

Let me guess, it slices and dices, and, if you act now, you get a free buttkicking. But wait...there's more.

The academy

I said I could take care of this myself!

Judgement Day

Serena: I love you so much Hercules: Wow, you're pretty and smart

Judgement Day

Morrigan: Wouldnt it be easier to sit and talk? Hercules: Things have never been easy between us, besides, we have no time to sit and chat, the oracle's in danger Morrigan: The oracle? That's Cyprus Hercules: I guess we're headed down memory lane after all

We'll Always have Cyprus

This is going to sound terrible, but I love you for leaving, you chose my happiness over yours

We'll always have Cyprus