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Orphan Of War

Orphan Of War Promotion

(((At Xena))) I wanna kill her uncle!

(((Kaleipus: I will not have you talking that way))) But she killed my father, she killed the great Borias

(((To Xena))) You've Just met your greatest enemy

(((Solan runs after a ball))) I've got it!

(((Solan see's Xena by the grave of Borias))) Get away from my father and mother

(((Xena says she never killed Borias))) You killed him, my mother was left all alone

(((Xena asks what his mother was like))) What do you care? (((Xena: I care)))

My uncle says she was wonderful. She never thought bad things about anyone, even you!

She had a smile like a breeze on a warm day

And she could sing like Orpheus!

I wish I could've heard her sing

(((Gab comes to talk to Solan))) You're Xena's Friend (((Gab: She's your friend to)))

Where'd you get the staff? (((Gab: I got it from the amazons)))

(((Solan throws her a ball, Gab hits it back with her staff))) How did you do that??

(((You don't have to pretend to be a warrior))) I am a warrior!

(((Gab: SOLAN! RUN!))) I can Help

(((Solan broke his arm falling into the ixion caves))) My arm hurts so bad

(((To Xena))) Why did you come for me? (((I thought maybe you could use my help)))

(((Xena says Solan did great by not freezing)))
I was too scared to freeze

(((Solan talks to Xena about his dad))) He was a great warrior

I dont wanna talk about my father anymore

Before he..became good, did he hurt a lot of people?

(((They find handprints on the ixion altar))) These handprints; That means they're my father's?

(((Xena says she need's help to defeat some thugs))) You can take them, what you did up top was increible!

(((Xena asks Solan if she can talk to him))) I know you didn't kill my father Xena, you're not the person you were

Friends shouldn't feel bad toward each other, we are friends..aren't we?

(((Solan throws his father's sword into the middle of the lake))) I'm not a warrior, I don't think I wanna be

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