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Solan Quiz

test your xenite knowledge...

and away we go:

Get a peice of paper, a pen and jot down the answers to the questions:

1. In which Hercules movie did David Taylor appear?

2. In this film, whcih Character did David play?

3. whats the missing word: "for _ _ _ _ years now Solan, has been my son"

4. What is the name of Solan's father?

5. Solan was told his mother could sing like which god?

6. Where did Solan's father hide the Ixion stone?

7. Who is Solan's mother?(EASY!)

8. How long after meeting Solan did Xena meet up with him again?(in Maternal Instincts)

9. What weapon did Solan's foster parent teach him to use after meeting Gabrielle?

10. Who killed Solan?

11. What is the name of the musical land Solan guided Xena and gabrielle through so they would make up?

Whilst you are scrolling down, perhaps you'd like to read the following:

Check out the answers, and you will see, if you're a true Xenite, just like me, then when you are done, click this banner for lots of fun.


1. Hercules and the amazon women

2. Franco

3. Nine

4. Borias

5. Orpheous

6. In his Sword, which was passed on to Solan

7. Xena

8. 1 year, 2 months and 12 days, but who's counting??

9. Staff

10. Hope

11. Illusia

if you got 11 right, then you are a true Solan/Xena fan!!

8-10: you REALLY like Xena!

5-7: hmm, getting there

0-4: go away and watch some Xena eps!! only Xenites allowed, and the questions weren't even that hard!!