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My Profile

I'm not sure why anyone would want to read about me, but since you came all this way, here's the details.

  • Name: Rebecca or Bekki
  • Date Of Birth: 28th of June 1985
  • Place Of Birth: Queensland, Australia
  • Place of Residence: Sydney, Australia
  • User Name: ARTEMIS
  • E-mail Address:
  • Favourite Sports: Archery, Water Polo and Softball
  • Favourite Xena characters (besides Xena n gab of course): Eve/Livia, Callisto, Athena, Aphrodite, and Cupid. Plus Morrigan from Hercules.
  • Best Friends: Sachiko, Alicia, and Rachel
  • Favourite Musicians: Bardot, Celine Dion, Britney Spears and Madison Avenue
  • Favourite TV shows: Xena (obviously), Judging Amy, Seven Days, Sabrina, Dawsons Creek (but only sometimes :), and heaps heaps more.
  • Favourite Movies (no particular order): The Little Mermaid, Double Jeopardy, Bicentennial Man, Beauty and the Beast, Singing in the rain, The ALIEN movies (all of em), X Men, Legends of the Fall, and heaps heaps more (im a movie fanatic)
  • Favourite Actors: Brad Pitt, Freddie Prinze Jr., Josh Harnett, Bruce Willis, Karl Urban + more
  • Favourite Actresses: Drew Barrymore, Mary Louise Parker, Adrienne Wilkinson, Audrey Hepburn, Judy Garland, Rita Hayworth, Ashley Judd, Hudson Leick, Selma Blair, Embeth Davitz, Sigourney Weaver, Holly Marie Combs, and loads more.

    Well, from that you can see that I'm 15 years old and I live in Sydney Australia. If you click any of the interests above that are links, ive dedicated a section of this website to them, which can also be accessed through the "non-Xena" button in the frame to the left, either that or it links to one of my other websites based on that thing.

    Um, what else can I write? My favourite subjects at school are Ancient History and English, so I love to write and I love anything Ancient.

    I'm majorly obsessed with the band Bardot (and you should be too, they rock!), and I love movies. My favourite singer of all time is Celine Dion, I've adored her music for about five years now and have 7 of her CDs.

    I've loved Xena from the beginning, and I'm a big fan of the villans Callisto and Athena. And just for the record, David Taylor was the original Solan and I was very upset when they replaced him because he was too old, just had to tell you all that.

    My favourite paralympic athlete is a wheelchair basketball player for the U.S.A paralympic team called Christina Ripp, I met her at the 2000 games, finally, and she's so nice, and she signed my program. My favourite Olympic athlete is Natalia Nasaridze, she's an arhcer from Turkey, and she's so good! She's ranked number seven in the whole world for the compound bow and she helped get her team up to the number one position with a lot of tens and nines!

    Well, I guess that's about it. I have no idea why you wanted to read this, but, you did, so yeah. Bye's!! Oh, one more thing, make sure you check out the official Adrienne Wilkinson Fan club website, it's a cool website dedicated to an incredible actress.

    Visit the official website of the Xenaverse's newest star