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Najara is not an easy character to find information on, but she definately belongs here in the realm of darkness. Najara came off as a real sweet, nice person, she even planned to start a hospice with Gabrielle. Of course, as usual in the world of Xena, she turned out to be a pshycho. She claimed that voices came to her, voices she called "The Gin", they told her she and Gabrielle should walk their paths together, and Xena will only hurt her. Najara was captured and sent to prison for all the crimes she had commited. She escaped, and found her way back to Xena and Gabrielle, claiming to be a changed woman. When Gabrielle said "No" to Najara, she went nuts again, and this time in her big battle with Xena, she was killed. Najara was played by Kathryn Morris.