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Hope's History

Dahak (an evil deity) planted a seed inside Gabrielle when she was on the altar in his temple, not long after, a baby was born in a castle in Britannia. Gabrielle loved her straight away, giving her the name Hope, in her mother's eyes, that is what she was. But when someone turned up dead, Xena knew something was wrong. Xena knew the child was evil, but Gabrielle wouldn't accept it and protected the baby from Xena's sword. Gabrielle ran away with the baby. She put her daughter in a basket and sent her up river. When Xena caught up with her Gabrielle told Xena she realised the child was evil and killed her.

Hope grew VERY fast. Just a few months later Hope came upon a lava pitt, something was inside, so she freed it, Callisto came out, and claimed Hope as her partner, and Hope claimed Callisto as the person to take care of her. They plotted to get revenge on Xena.

Xena and Gabrielle made a visit to their old friend Ephiny, and Xena's son, Solan. While there, Gabrielle stumbled on a young girl, Fayla, carrying the same wooden lamb Gabrielle had left in the basket with her daughter. She asked Fayla about it, who said her mother left it in the basket with her. Gabrielle knew she had finally found her little girl, and without telling Xena continued to meet with her.

Callisto taunted Xena, with threats to kill her son, Solan. Meanwhile, Hope killed Kaliepus, Solan's centaur 'father'. Solan was taken to somewhere safe.

Hope pretended Callisto was trying to kill her, so Gabby sent her to the hut where Solan was staying so she'd be safe. Instead, Hope killed Solan. Obviously Xena was very, very angry about this. When she found out Hope was alive, and had killed her son, all because of Gabrielle, she was not a happy camper. She decided that Hope had to be destroyed, Gabrielle wouldnt allow it. Eventually Gabrielle realised Xena was right, when she saw Solan's dead body in Xena's arms. So she poisoned Hope herself. Hope and Solan were cremated. Callisto had also been trapped in a cave by Xena and Ephiny.

Hope's ashes scattered across Greece, finally regrouping, now she was a girl in a cape, covering her hideous burn scars. She got Callisto out of the cave. Hope promised that Callisto would have the chance to make all her pain go away, if Callisto would go back in time to kill Hercules' mother before Hercules was ever born. Callisto would then be given the chance the save her family in Sirrah. Callisto accepted.

Callisto teamed up with Ares before she left, and together they opened the porthole to the alternate universe and trapped Hercules inside. Iolaus found out what Callisto was doing and after Ares was double crossed by Callisto, he sent Iolaus on a trip, to follow Callisto wherever she went to try and stop her. He ruined Hope's plan and stopped Callisto. Hope disappeared.

Hope became coccooned, so she could re-gain her energy. Callisto continued to watch out for her while she was in this vulnerable state. Xena and Gabrielle discovered she was back when they broke up a little sacrificial party in Dahak's honour. When Xena found the coccoon, Ares came to the rescue and disappeared with it before Xena could kill her. Hope finally hatched in the halls of war under Callisto and Ares' supervision, a grown woman, identical to Gabrielle.

Callisto and Ares still hated each other, and with a firey passion too. So when Callisto found Hope joined to Ares by the lip, she wasn't impressed, and decided to switch sides. Hope, as an adult, now had a new plan. To breed, she was to be the mother of seven children, to be Dahak's destroyer's, to bring havak on all mankind. Ares had the job of being their father, something he was happy to do.

Callisto went to Xena, and finally got accepted as an ally, and plans were made to destroy Hope and stop her before more people were killed to feed Dahak's hunger. The only way to kill her, was with the hind's blood dagger, Hope knew this, but Xena got to it first.

The idiot Joxer is (or so it seems), he got captured as Hope's goons were making their rounds to find sacrifices. At the same time, Hope confronted Gabrielle, and told Gabrielle of her pregnancy. Hope offered Gabrielle the chance to join her, and Gabrielle refused. Hope was furious.

Finally Xena and company (Callisto, Gabrielle) made their entrance to find lots of people chained up waiting to be killed, Joxer being one of them. When Ares stood up to protect Hope, Callisto whooped his toosh, taking him out of commision for basically the rest of the episode. Although, earlier, Ares did manage to find a way to protec Hope if that happened, he called up a favour Gabrielle owed him, and the deal was, if Gabrielle let Xena kill Hope, Xena would die, but Xena was going to kill her anyway.

Suddenly, Joxer called out to Xena, and from his armour, appeared the missing Hind's bloody dagger Hope couldnt find, he threw it to Xena and she advanced on Hope. Using her power's Hope held Xena back, but Xena fourght through the force, but just as she was about to make the triumphant blow, Gabrielle screamed out, unable to watch her best friend die for her mistake. She ran towards them, grabbed Hope and pulled her daughter and herself into the firey pitt below. Xena fell to her knee's in shock and Callisto burst out in laughter. She said that watching Gabrielle sacrifice herself finally gave her a reason to live, this really got to Xena, who spun around with the dagger and stuck it in Callisto's gut. "No more living for you", Callisto took her last breath and died.

A few weeks later Xena found her way to Gabrielle's home town, where her family lived, and broke to themt he news Gabrielle was dead. They thought it was a sick joke, and that Gabrielle had returned home not long ago. When Xena saw her thought-to-be-dead friend she was ecstatic, but there was something not right, she knew it was Hope who had survive the fall, Not Gabrielle, and she plotted to destory her once and for all. An encounter in the woods was the plan. Xena jumped out in front of Hope, and held the dagger up about to stab her, but saw the tears in the girls eyes, and looked at her, and burst out in tears herself, because, this time, it was Gabrielle. She had survived too. Now Hope had given birth to her first destroyer, who was killing people left and right, a big spikey monster, who despite his evil appearance, was loved by his mother.

Eventually it came down to Gabrielle posing as Hope to confront the destroyer. She pretended to be his mother, and he cuddled up to her. Hope found Gabrielle and was going to kill her, to save her child, but the destroyer thought she was an intruder and stabbed her, but as she looked at him he knew he'd killed his own mother, and he hated Xena and Gabrielle for it, because he cared for Hope. Hope had been slain by her own son. And now her son would be slain by the best friend of her own mother.

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