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Adrienne Wilkinson Interview

1. How did you get started in acting?

I had always been a dancer so I had spent a lot of time on stage...and then my senior year in high school I got involved with an acting troop -it was amazing, I absolutely fell in love with it...and I guess I've never looked back. I moved to Los Angeles as soon as I graduated and I've been there pursuing a career ever since.

2. Do you think you'll be continuing with television or would you like to move into film?

I am far more interested in doing new and different, challenging projects- than in delegating them to film or television. I love both mediums, and there can be great work in either section- I just want to move onto something that is unlike any work I've done to date, and teaches me and takes me onto a new adventure that I will love. There are so many incredible women to play, and stories to tell - I am very excited about what the future could bring.

3. What's it been like working with Lucy and Renee?

Everyday I work on the show, I am more and more grateful to have the chance to work with such open and challenging people. They are great at the job. They know exactly what to do...not too much....not too little, and I learn from them everyday. I love to watch Lucy. She is always willing to try something new and different and she always has brilliant ideas of how to make a scene more interesting...she has so much enthusiasm for making the work fun, challenging and entertaining. Renee is one of the sweetest people I know. She is a very gifted actress...she always gives 100%. She makes sure that she gives her character exactly what is needed...but she is one of the most generous actresses I've worked with...always giving fellow actors what they need as well. Its wonderful.

4. Was it difficult to play such an interesting character? To be both the daughter of the title character and the reincarnation of one of the most popular villans to have been on the show.

There have been challengeing or uncomfortable moments in the filming of some of the scenes because of the physical challenges, ...but generally playing Livia/Eve has been incredibly thrilling. Within one character I have gotten to explore so many facets. I will always be grateful that I've had the chance to play such an amazing woman. She has been able to show her fears, loves, anger, frustration, maturity, desperation, love and needs while conquering many things along the way and ever changing before the eyes of the audience. A lot of people say that playing the 'daughter of Xena and Callisto' is an impossible challenge... but for me it was the greatest opportunity. I had two superior people to draw from to create a character that is both flawed and yet mesmerizing. It has been one of the most satisfying endeavors I've ever attempted.

5. Have you had a lot of feedback from Xenites?

An extreme amount. There are of course, as should be expected, some people that feel the character isn't what they wanted...or that the journey she has taken isn't their ideal...but generally there has been OVERWHELMING support for me and Eve. Eve is basically a replica of Xena's life...a constant reminder to Xena of what she has been creates this amazing dynamic to play between the characters and in the scripts. We experience many of the same things..and most of the same emotions. Yet, Eve is an entirely different person, and in her own ways very different from Xena...and that also makes for an interesting relationship between them.

I have enjoyed two conventions so far, which were wonderful- full of great feedback, and I've also done many interviews with fan based publications, and I even have my own thriving fan club. It has been far more than I ever expected...and absolutely fabulous.

6. You've got your own fan club and developing an internet following, did you expect that to happen?

No. I never even imagined it. It truly never crossed my mind. I had a fan club and quite a few web site's before any of my episodes even aired!! I was fascinated by how welcoming and enthusiastic everyone was for my debut. I'm still surprised and delighted by the amount of feedback everyday.

7. Will you be continuing on as Eve?

I am not sure of the exact resolution of Eve but I will definitely be seen throughout season 6 in at least 7 episodes. I am incredibly proud of some of the latest episodes. The writing is brilliant...and we are constantly challenging ourselves to create the most interesting, exciting and visually stunning episodes that we possibly can. It has been a great adventure.

8. Can we expect to see you in any upcoming projects?

Absolutely. The web site will be kept up to date on all of the latest happenings in my career. I have spent the majority of the last year in New Zealand and I am now able to concentrate on the next step - there are some amazing opportunities coming my way and I cannot wait to see where they will lead...I only hope the fans will support me, and the future projects I attempt, with as much enthusiasm as they have shown so far.

9. The OAWFC seems to going well, any improvement plans for the website?

Yes. Very shortly we will be moving to with an entirely new face lift and many added features. Everything at the current site will be included and we would love any feedback and suggestions anyone has once it is up and running. I hope everyone will follow us there.

Thank you Adrienne for this wonderful interview oppurtunity! Im sure all the Xenites out there appreciate hearing from you, I certainly did!

Thank you!!! I love the chance to share my experiences and this was a lovely interview.

This interview was completed on the 16th of November 2000, the photos used of Adrienne came from her official website.
Everyone be sure to check out that awesome fan club website.

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