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Artemis in Mythology

My peronal Favourite person in all Greek mythology. Zeus had an affair with a woman named Leto, twins were the result. Apollo, strong young boy, and Artemis, a strong young girl.

From Olympus Zeus could see their shining faces, one thing that Zeus appreciated most was beauty, and these were by far, his most beautiful children, so at age three he sent for them to come join him on Olympus.

He gave Apollo many gifts, but he favoured Artemis, the beautiful child she was, and let her choose her own. She was givin the gift of chasity, a silver bow, 60 nymphs, the best hounds, and many names in case she got bored of them; "The maiden Goddess", "The Maiden", "The goddess of the moon", "The celestial goddess" etc.

Artemis spent most of her time hunting with her nymphs, she was the best huntress the world has ever seen. She became the goddess of the moon, the amazons, child birth, and depending on which source you read, she was also the goddess of all things wild.

Artemis was a well worshipped deity, because of her strength, her beauty and her wisdom, although she was more popular with women as she stood as an idol to girls who had to obey the will of men.

There are many stories about her, but this page would be extremely long if I listed any of them, but its sure to say any man who saw her nude was punished, any of her nymphs that disobeyed their vow of chastity were punished, anyone who insulted her family weer taken care of, and she was, by far, the most beautiful of the Olympians, even over Hera and Aphrodite.